Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Here we go, a first blog from Josery Textiles Ltd !

We want to use this facility primarily to keep people who have visited our www.josery.com web site up to date with news of new garments and new designs which we are putting on the site.    All of the garments are British made and currently are all made from British Made fabrics.    It may be that as time goes on we will add some British Made garments which are made from imported fabrics, this is likely to happen only when there is no British source for a particular 
fabric.   Having said this, our site clearly identifies which garments are made from British made fabrics.

Last week was busy with new customers finding us following the article by Grey Fox in the Guardian online.

Although we didn't get a mention in the article, someone kindly posted a link to our web site in the lively discussion and comments which followed, thank you!

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